Estate & Senior Support Services LLC
Estate & Senior Support Services LLC

Senior Services

Our Mission to Seniors

To provide professional cost-effective financial support services to senior citizens and their family members, in a relationship of trust, compassion and respect for our clients. 


Our Senior Support Services' Clients include:

  • Active Seniors

  • People whose demanding careers and lives make it difficult to handle their own financial paperwork

  • People with medical and physical challenges that make it difficult to keep up with their financial paperwork

  • Adult children of a parent who do not have adequate time to manage their parent’s affairs

  • Family members following the death of a relative

We provide the following services:

Bookkeeping and Financial Support

  • Write checks or manage on-line payments
  • Set up and track automatic payments and deposits
  • Manage medical bill payments and reimbursements
  • Manage tax and insurance payments (including timely filing)
  • Prepare and deliver bank deposits
  • Balance checking and other financial accounts
  • Use Quicken or QuickBooks to track financial and investment accounts
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Compile documentation for preparation of tax returns by your CPA
  • Consolidate and title accounts in compliance with your estate plan
  • Prepare payroll checks for home employees and calculate and pay withholding taxes

Organizational Services

  • Organize and maintain personal, financial, investment, insurance, and medical records
  • Sort and review mail
  • Coordinate relevant information among professional advisors

Other Services

  • Prepare an inventory and coordinate appraisals of assets
  • Refer professionals who can assist with other services (e.g. medical assistance, home organization or downsizing, sale of real estate or personal property)

Notary Services

We can provide these services either in your home or another location, whichever is more convenient for you.  Call us at (410) 302-1320 for a free consultation.

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