Estate & Senior Support Services LLC
Estate & Senior Support Services LLC

Professional Support

Our Mission to Professionals

To use our 20+ years of experience to provide estate administration support services to attorneys, accountants, and other professionals with a high level of excellence.


We provide support services in the following areas:

Estate Administration Services

  • Prepare and monitor a schedule of deadlines

  • Assist in the preparation of forms necessary in the testate or intestate probate process in Maryland, under regular or modified administration, including opening an estate, Inventory, Information Report, Accountings, Final Report Under Modified Administration

  • Arrange for Bond of Personal Representative

  • Arrange for ancillary probate

  • Identify interested persons, including legatees and heirs

  • Identify probate and non-probate assets

  • Obtain date of death or alternative date values

  • Change address with USPS

  • Arrange for appraisals of real and personal property

  • Work with financial institutions to establish estate brokerage and bank accounts

  • Assist in liquidating assets including the sale of real estate and all forms of personal property

  • Work with MVA to transfer vehicle titles

  • Cancel credit cards and service contracts

  • Pay debts, expenses and taxes

  • Prepare distribution summaries and assist in distribution of assets

  • Calculate inheritance tax on collateral heirs, including life interests

Estate Planning Support Services

  • Consolidate and title accounts for your clients in compliance with their estate plan

  • Assist in changing beneficiary designations

  • Provide organization, bookkeeping and financial support services for your clients and coordinate relevant information among professionals

Tax Support Services

  • Compile documentation for preparation of personal and fiduciary tax filings

  • Assist in preparation of Federal and Maryland estate tax returns

Notary Services

We can apply our experience, in collaboration with your services, to:

  • Provide assistance on an ongoing or as-needed basis for a recurring or specialized task 

  • Offer “quick-fix” help on project-based work allowing the professional to accept work it would otherwise have to refer out

  • Offer quality “stand-in” help to a vacant position due to a recent change within your organization, a staff member’s sudden departure, maternity leave, or other reason, without the expense of permanent employee benefits

  • Supply “walk-on” services to a proposed part-time or full-time position to test if it is fiscally feasible

  • Provide services either in your office or offsite in ours

Our Technology:

  • Quicken
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint)
  • Estate & Valuation Services, Inc.
  • BNA Tax
  • Amicus Attorney
  • Sage Timeslips
  • Harvest
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