Estate & Senior Support Services LLC
Estate & Senior Support Services LLC

Our deep concern for the welfare of senior citizens

motivated us to establish

Estate & Senior Support Services LLC.

Senior Support Services

Having worked many years in estate and trust law firms, we realized the importance of providing professional services to seniors and estate administrators.  It is our goal, along with our professional staff, to provide senior citizens with a full range of services to help them live independently and maintain their dignity.  We have assisted many clients and their families to successfully manage difficult life situations with practical, cost-saving solutions.

We have the experience, compassion, and personal skills necessary to create peace of mind for individuals and their families.  Navigate to Senior Services for more information.

Professional Support Services

ESSS also offers a unique service to professionals who need support in administering an estate on an "as needed" basis.  Our experience allows us to complete the multitude of tasks and paperwork efficiently.  We can coordinate and oversee every aspect of the estate administration process in a cost effective manner.

We can adapt easily to your accounting programs or offer accurate accounting through our software.

ESSS offers both a flat rate to cover basic services as well as a reasonable and competitive hourly rate.
ESSS is proud of the care its professionals take in providing these services.

Our company is bonded and insured.  Navigate to Professional Support for more information.

About Us

Our team is comprised of Denise Wright and Linda L. Smit. We are both members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and are Certified Daily Money Managers (CDMM®). We are also members of the Maryland Senior Resource Network (MSRN) and the Senior Services Group of Maryland (SSG). Please Contact us to schedule an initial meeting or to chat about our services. We look forward to assisting you.


Disclaimer:  Estate & Senior Support Services LLC is not a law firm and makes no attempt to offer legal advice or act as a substitute for an attorney.

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